The fundamentals of good storytelling are more important today than ever before:

Today we upload videos to the internet within a matter of seconds. When making a video, it's easy to get lazy. However, if excellent letters or poetry can be written with a cheap pen, then affordable technology can also be used to create outstanding videos.  Today, every company is a media company and our stories need to be engaging. Videos need to be visceral, compelling, authentic, even humorous as they tell stories about products, customers, values, employees and experiences. But with so many technological options at our fingertips, the story itself can be forgotten… We can help with that.

We offer: 

1.] Consulting services via Skype, email or in person:

- Story Consulting to help guide and refine your concept and target your audience. 

- Crowdfunding consulting to ensure you are prepared before launching your campaign. 

- Pre-production consulting to help shape your budget, schedule and plan for production. 

- Production consulting to analyse the elements of production prior to start or during production. 

2.] Production services

- If you would like us to produce a video for you, please use the contact us button.